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Video Doorbells & Entry 

More than just a video doorbell.

Do you always want to see who is standing at your front door before you open it?


With our Dnake video intercom systems, you can do exactly that plus it has motion detection, alerting you to anyone lurking around. Talk to the visitor and see who it is before you open the door, it is even capable of opening gates and doors for you directly from your smart device. It also has a inbuilt card reader too.

This video intercom system is so versatile it can be used for a single entry point home to a multi-entry commercial property. One of its unique features is that when integrated with a CCTV NVR it can act as another camera recording everything like a CCTV camera.

HD images everyday.

Thanks to extensive technical experience with video surveillance products, Dnakes video intercom door stations carry a high-performance IP camera.


With a video resolution of 2MP, a wide, 110°-angle lens, it is very difficult to avoid being seen.


Supporting wide dynamic range and night vision, high definition video is maintained even under harsh background lighting or in the darkest of nights.

The internal video screen can be either hardwired or can communicate wireless to the door station. Giving more flexibility when choosing where to place it.

dnake app.jpg
Push notifications & remote monitoring.

Dnakes IP intercom system supports app access and when the indoor monitor receives a call, the call data can be sent to the app.


The user can answer a call on the app at any time, from anywhere.


When a visitor is welcome, the user can press a button on the app to remotely open the door.


The user can access the door station camera for voluntary monitoring. In the case of an unwelcome visitor, the user can remotely ask them to leave.

Fitted prices from £541.65
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