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CCTV Camera Systems

Mobile Phone
See everything in full HD / 4K anytime, anywhere.

Our CCTV systems are all app-enabled. You can not only view a live video feed, but you can also view video from 2 weeks ago using our smart playback feature directly to the palm of your hands on a smart mobile device. 


If you think that is a great feature, what if we told you that, you can also capture images and record directly to your smart mobile device if you see anything suspicious at your property? 


With our systems, you can do both! That's why with our CCTV systems you will never miss any detail.

Unlike wireless or WiFi cameras, our systems are fully wired which means even if your internets went down, Our cameras will still keep recording.

HD to 4K we have you covered.

CCTV is classed as evidence in a court of law, this is the reason why we do not compromise on our quality of CCTV equipment. 


Here at Stealth Security we only install true HD / 4K full colour 24/7 systems.

UNV Colour Hunter+ Range

This latest amazing range of cameras come in 4mp and 8mp, these cameras will give you amazing Full HD images in colour during the day and also in full colour during the night using the advanced white LED lights. No external lighting is required to get full-colour clear images in pitch-black surroundings.

The cameras are feature packed:

• Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG
• Smart intrusion prevention, include cross line, intrusion, enter area, leave area detection
• Based on target classification, smart intrusion prevention significantly reduce false alarm caused by leaves, birds and lights etc., accurately focus on human and, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle
• Intelligent People Flow Counting and Crowd Density Monitoring
• Colorhunter technology ensures 24-hour full-color images
• 120dB true WDR technology enables clear image in strong light scene
• Built-in mic
• IK10 vandal resistant
• IP67 protection

CCTV Repair.jpg
Cables, Cables, Cables

Worried about cables or wires all over the property? We use external grade cat5/6e cables in all our installations. With this type of cable, it means we can run video and power on one cable. 


We have plenty of solutions to minimise the cables you see, in fact, most of our customers ask where we have put the cables around their property.


We will always talk you through all cable options prior to any work commencing.

CCTV installed from £416.65
CCTV servicing from £149.98
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