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Smart Intruder Alarms

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Control from the palm of your hand.

Our smart alarm system comes complete with an app which means you can control your whole system on the go.

You can set, unset, view events and add or delete users straight from your smart mobile device.

This truly is the modern alternative to the traditional dialler system or even older bell only systems.


  • Annual App charges apply from £49 per year. Free for first year.

Fully flexible system for any size of property.

The alarm system has 8 wired zones on board, this can be expanded to 50 zones with wireless capabilities to add further flexibility.

So if you already have an older basic wired system installed, we can replace the system with one of our smart systems and add additional wireless sensors where you may need them.

On the other hand, if you have already renovated your home or do not have cables installed, we can offer you the same system with all the same features and no wires!

That's right! A totally wireless system. Using lithium batteries and power saving technology means you won't be changing batteries every few months, but more like every 2 - 3 years.

RisControl Screen_edited.jpg
Alarm systems upgraded from £791.65
New smart intruder alarm systems from £708.32

Here are a few short product videos to watch

The iRisco App
External Perimeter Protection
The Stealth Alarm
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