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Basic, but feature packed...


Sleek Design. Innovative Technology.


The Grade 2 WiComm Pro panel, combined with Wireless Panda keypad and Piccolo PIR or Pet PIR detector provides a contemporary, sleek design that seamlessly blends into any residential or small commercial environment.



1 x Smart Control Panel

1 x Wireless Keypad

1 x Wireless Plain External Sounder

1 x Wireless Door Contact

3 x Wireless Motion Sensors

- App included for 12 months

- Full Installation & Setup


- Comes with a 12 month warranty, 12 months app access ( Thereafter subject to annual service contract or basic app subscription )


* Please note prices given are for installation within the M25 ( Excluding Properties in Zone 1 & 2 ). For Installation in ready built homes (1-5 bedroom homes), small and medium sized commercial properites, Offices & Warehouses on sigle floor not exceeding 9500sqft.


** Additional Pricing is available for properties outside the M25 and for properties within Zones 1 & 2. Additional pricing is available for properties under renovation / construction & large commercials and 6+ bedroom homes, where a site surevey will be required.


Please email us at: for more information.

Basic Smart Wireless Intruder Alarm

Excluding VAT
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