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Do you have poor WiFi connectivity accross your flat / house / commercial property?


Well we can solve this! We dont mess about with cheap WiFi plugin extenders,  We give you a fully wired direct from the router soltuion using a WiFi 6 Access Point which can handle speeds of up to 2.9Gbps combined


All our WiFi access points are fully wired in to a network switch direct into your router. So not only will you benfit from a stronger WiFi signal accross your property, but you will get speeds similar to standing right next to your router anywhere in your property. 


We will even set up your own wireless network name and password. Our system works with any internet provider meaning if you switch providers your WiFi stays the same. No more hassle of changing all your wireless devices to a new network.


Our discs are priced with installation, cableing and programming all built in.


We recomend using the guide below to select how many access points you will need. Remember please contact us if your not sure how many you need.


1-2 bed flat - 1 Access Point

2 - 3 Bed House No Loft Extension* - 2 Access Points

4 - 5 Bed House No Loft Extension* - 3 or 4 Access Points

Office Block of 10000sqft - 3 Access Points


* For loft extensions please add 1 extra access point.


Remmeber the bove is just a guide and each property will vary. We always recommend a site survey before purchase.


Prices include fitting / programming and 12 months warranty.


** Please note prices given are for installation within the M25 ( Excluding Properties in Zone 1 & 2 ). For Installation in ready built homes (1-5 bedroom homes), small and medium sized commercial properites, Offices & Warehouses on sigle floor not exceeding 9500sqft. ** Additional Pricing is available for properties outside the M25 and for properties within Zones 1 & 2. Additional pricing is available for properties under renovation / construction & large commercials and 6+ bedroom homes, where a site surevey will be required. Please email us at: for more information.




Whole Home Wired WiFi

Excluding VAT
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